There are some precautions in the installation of vertical vibration conveyor

05 . 30, 2020


vibration conveyor
vibration conveyor

        The vibrating conveyor is used to transport materials through the reciprocating vibration of the conveying trough. It belongs to the continuous conveying equipment without flexible traction members. It can convey granular and massive loose materials horizontally or at an angle, and can also be used to convey powder. For special needs, bulk materials can also be transported upwards.

        The vertical vibration conveyor uses a vibration motor as a vibration source. The center lines of two vibration motors of the same model fixed on the lifting trough are installed at a certain angle and are rotated in opposite directions. When the eccentric block of the vibration motor rotates The component of the centrifugal force generated at each instantaneous position reciprocates in the throwing direction, so that the entire body supported on the shock absorber continuously vibrates, so that the material moves upward while being thrown in the lifting tank, and the material falls into the material After the trough, it starts to be thrown away. At this time, the material can be fully contacted with the air, and it can also play the role of heat dissipation and cooling.

vibration conveyor
vibration conveyor

        Vertical vibration conveyor is a type of vibration conveyor, which has some precautions during installation:

(1) The horizontal and vertical of the support tube should be ensured, and the axial non-vertical degree should not be greater than 2/1000 of the total height.

(2) Use anchor screws for fixing and grounding protection to ensure that the vibration conveyor can be used safely and reliably.

(3) The equipment cannot be rigidly connected to surrounding objects, and a certain clearance should be left to prevent the equipment from generating noise during operation.

        The vertical vibrating conveyor has simple and reasonable structure, low energy consumption, energy saving, and small trough wear. It can be used in mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry, building materials, machinery, food and other industries to vertically transport powders and particles under 50 mm Shaped, massive materials.

Vibration Conveyor